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How to upload files directly to Joomla using the media manager

Posted on September 10, 2013 at 3:20 PM

Ok so you have this really cool video that you have and you would like to stream on your website (learn to stream videos on a Joomla website here) but the media manager is refusing to accept the dang file. STOP!!!!!! Don’t pull out your hair yet just read below.

Today, we are going to discuss how we can enable the uploading of videos and other file types from the Joomla media manager rather than uploading your files directly to your webhost using ftp. Now when you try uploading a file with an extension that is not supported on Joomla, the upload will be refused by the package. The heart breaking result you get is an error message that goes


This file type is not supported. ”


Calm down and don’t even think about ripping your hair out as this is a very easy problem to solve. Now for the safety of your website the package has permitted only certain extensions to be uploaded directly to your Joomla core. In order to upload that file you need to tell Joomla to permit the upload of such extensions in your global configuration settings.

To change these settings simply follow the instructions below:

• login to your Joomla administrator account

• head over to system then global configuration

• now look to the left hand side you will see a column with the title components look through that till you see media manager, click on that

• next look for the option that says ignore extensions. (What this does is that it tells Joomla to go against all its will to allow the extension)

•type in the file extension you would like to permit without the period in front of it

• click save or save and close which ever you prefer ;)



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