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Hello and welcome to Joomla With Frank. 

My guess is that you have come here because you want to learn how to make a website using Joomla! Am I right or am I correct. Now before we get started I would like to share with you a short but powerful story. I have titled it my journey to mountain Joomla.

                Let us start from the very beginning.  When I first started to design websites I was using  good old notepad. I worked day and night pounding away on my computer all the html and css codes I knew. The outcomes were usually very presentable (as at then but now :p)the outcomes were good but the problem here was that it took too long to get a website up and running. I needed something faster ut just as efficient. Then entered Dreamweaver, thought it didn’t get better than that. It was a very good website designing software, you simply designed what you wanted and presto it generated all the codes for you. This process was “easyish” and served me well for some time. Soon however I needed a platform that was much faster and was also very efficient, and then Joomla hit me. I was excited, I was pumped and ready little did I know my excitement was about to disappear. I hurried to the joomla website and obtained the joomla core, and right  after that I hit rock bottom I couldn’t install it try as  I might(no one told me I needed a localhost server, stop laughing) .

                With this impossibly   slightly difficult task in front of me I gave up and went for dreamweaver once again. Luckily something in me told me to go back and to try again, never to quit. Guess what with the help of google and xampp I was able to scale through that easily and I fell in love. A few months later however we had another fight, joomla was refusing to play my videos, I tried everything (except the right thing of course) but it refused so I quit again. This time I went to Wordpress. Wordpress is a great tool but it didn’t give me the flexibility that joomla did so I went back. Once again Google saved the day by showing me Allvideos plug-in from joomla works (p.s. I love you Google) ever since then we have been happily married.

                Why did I just share that story? Simple to inspire you to show you that no matter what frustrations you feel don’t quit. Nobody is born a pro designer, you work your way to the top simple no shortcuts.

Now with that settled let us take a look at what Joomla is, shall we. 

Joomla is a cms script written in PHP, it uses object-oriented programming (OOP) techniques (since version 1.5) and software design patterns, stores data in a MySQL or (since version 2.5) MS SQL database, and includes features such as page caching, RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, news flashes, blogs, polls, search, and support for language internationalization.

As of March 2012, Joomla has been downloaded over 30 million times. Over 6,000 free and commercial extensions are available from the official Joomla! Extension Directory, and more are available from other sources. It is estimated to be the second most used CMS on the Internet after WordPress.

?  The main advantage of Joomla is to manage the website content, to administer the website and you can also edit the content with user interface. You can edit, link and format the content easily. With the aid of Joomla, you can add the template easily. In Joomla, there are number of design templates available which are easy to download by the users. You need not to invest much on graphic or flash. You can alter the design with using interface. Joomla is freely available in the market with open source medium. You can easily donate, host and advertise to install the Joomla Software.

?  The Joomla software is constantly updated by the users. Most of the developers are involved in the development and up gradation of Joomla system to make it more user-friendly. Developers are keen to get update the Joomla CMS to make it more interactive and user-friendly. With open source code, a developer can easily make and customize the applications. You can get latest information and help from the Joomla communities. The website developer can get help from the forums to solve the problems. You can get the answer by searching your problem over the search engine. Joomla is the best amongst the other CMS tools.

 Open source essentially means it has been created by developers across the world and is not owned by a profit-hungry software company eager to charge for each update and add-on. This means that joomla is 100% free.

A lot of developers today seem to look down on the Joomla  because they feel 'you can't build a real site on joomla. '

 That is a very wrong belief and here is why I say so. Below you will find a list of real world user of joomla that simply trash that crazy belief.

What are some real world examples of what Joomla! can do?

Joomla is used all over the world to power Web sites of all shapes and sizes. For example:

?           Corporate Web sites or portals

?           Corporate intranets and extranets

?           Online magazines, newspapers, and publications

?           E-commerce and online reservations

?           Government applications

?           Small business Web sites

?           Non-profit and organizational Web sites

?           Community-based portals

?           School and church Web sites

?           Personal or family homepages

 My  quick rundown of why you should use joomla.

?         My first reason is Joomla is an Open CMS.

This means many of the elements of Joomla are free or low-cost, and, because of its huge  popularity, developers are always working on new functions. And other developers are working on improving these! In all, there are over 6000 add-ons ? more than enough to meet the needs of any website. So they are practically giving you gold for free

?         My second reason is that Joomla has a lot of great components,

 both free and commercial (I'd stick to the well knowncommercial ones). For example if you wish to  make  video site you  could use all videos plugin wich you just download and install ? a great component by the way.

?         My third reason states that Joomla is very easy to setup and administer and you get great support from a large community.

?         There is also a huge range of templates available whether you want a free one or a commercial one joomla has it all.

Now with that settled let us take a look at some of the benefits of using joomla:

  • ·         Joomla was built with a signature goal to handle content. that means if you can load it it can take it,
  • ·         Although joomla is designed to handle mass content it can still be used to power that everyday simple blog you have been dreaming of setting up,
  • ·         Joomla is a very flexible platform that gives you enough room for modification and tweaking till you get the preferred look,
  • ·         There is a huge extensions directory that can help you add extra functionality to your joomla website

Now that you have the cake here is the cherry on top

  • ·        The joomla core is  1000% free.